Clairette de Die Tradition AOC, « Cuvée Chamberan »


It is a naturally sweet and sparkling wine. All the fruit flavour is given by the white Muscat with small grape which makes the wine so authentic. The modern techniques of putting in bottles guarantee the quality.

DISCOUNT : 7,30€ from 24 bottles - 6,80€ from 36 bottles - 6,50€ from 84 bottles
DISCOUNT : 7,30€ from 24 bottles - 6,80€ from 36 bottles - 6,50€ from 84 bottles


* Selection by the Hachette guide of wines 2013.


Clairette de Die A.O.C Ancestral Dioise Method

Grape variety:

White Muscat with small grains 85 %
White Clairette 15 %

The characteristics of the Clairette de Die tradition

Its pale yellow dress presents very beautiful bright glints. Smells of apricot appear to the nose then the Clairette de Die reveals us delicates perfumes of roses and citrus fruits, typical aromas of Muscat variety which give to this wine all its elegance and its femininity. The effervescent leaves place then to a sensation of smooth very appreciated.

Some suggestions and advices of tasting from Union des Jeunes Viticulteurs Récoltants

The Clairette de Die Tradition, thanks to its fruity flavour, is ideal for all your desserts. It goes very well with pear cakes or chocolate cakes!

Thanks to its lightness in alcohol, the Clairette de Die is a wine of friendliness, to drink for the pleasure at very moment of day, for the aperitif or during a party!

For the great lovers of originality, try the wedding between Clairette de Die and sweet salted meal or with fried foie gras.

To serve chilled (from 6° to 8°) and to drink young in order to keep fruity flavours (2 years maximum).
To conserve bottles laid down, away from heat and light.

A special wine making: the Ancestral Dioise Method

This method consists to preserve the flavours and the freshness of grapes with ancestral techniques, even if nowadays, modern materials help us.

After the grape harvest, the grapes are quickly brought to the press in order to be delicately pressed. The juices go to the vats and are cool down. A very slow fermentation will begin and last several months at slow temperature. Putting in bottles will be done before that it arrives at the end.

Therefore, it is the first fermentation that continues in bottles. The foam is natural, without adding of liquor. This fermentation will not be complete: not all the sugars of grape will be transformed in alcohol and the Clairette de Die will be very light in alcohol and very fruity. In order to stop for good the process, wines will be filtered. For this, we have to empty bottles then to refill them up without loose too much pressure.

Come to visit our cellar, you will understand everything!

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